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TEFL means Teaching English as a foreign language. The acronym TEFL is most commonly used when speaking about teaching English abroad to learners who live outside a native English speaking country. TEFL is sometimes used as TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

We offer a high quality TEFL/TESOL certification course that equips learners for the professional task of teaching English overseas, or in your home country.

Our TEFL/TESOL certification courses last for four weeks in a variety of exciting sites around South Africa, and have a very practical emphasis. Our courses focus on training you to teach English with the international standard. Communicative approach is our teaching method; and English is the only language used in the classroom.

The Courses Focus On Five Main Areas:


This is the most important and fundamental area of any TEFL/TESOL training course. We have an English school with registered students for any level, this give the opportunity during the teaching practice sessions, that trainees have the possibility to teach real students of English. They put into practice the skills learnt during the theoretical sessions of the course.

Almost all our English students’ learners are foreign language speakers. This gives the chance to trainees to give instruction to unknown foreign language speakers. This session is extremely useful in the way that it prepares the trainees on how to create empathy between the teacher and students and help trainees to direct their own teaching.

a) This area focuses on grammar (parts of speech, the structure of tenses, conditionals and modals and other common grammar points). The trainees do not only learn about these subjects but also about ways to teach them to their future students in the classroom.

b) This area also focuses on phonology (phonemics, word and sentence stress, intonation and connected speech).


Here we cover areas such as:

  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Establishing rapport
  • Discipline in the classroom
  • Managing equipment and teaching aids
  • Creating materials
  • Correction techniques
  • Language assessment
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Teaching grammar
  • Teaching receptive skills (reading and listening)
  • Teaching productive skills (speaking and writing)
  • Games in the classroom
  • Songs in the classroom
  • Teaching beginner students
  • Teaching individual students


We have adapted teaching material, and we train trainees on how to create their own set of teaching materials to be used during the teaching practice. These materials will be useful in future teaching environments. The materials also need to be adaptable for different lesson points.

Once the trainee has created his/her materials project, he/she will present it to a course trainer and demonstrate how it will be used in the classroom. The trainer will then provide advice and suggestions on how they can be improved and how they could be used in another context.

4-week, In-Class TEFL/TESOL Certification Courses with Alpha International English School.

Alpha International English School provides internationally recognised and accredited TEFL/TESOL courses in an interesting and exotic location in South Africa.

  •  We provide FREE TEFL/TESOL job support services for all our course graduates.
  •  Our intensive 4-week TEFL/TESOL courses meet all international standards.
  • We are accredited by service SETA (Sector of Education and Training Authority) in South Africa; so our TEFL/TESOL certification courses are internationally recognised and accredited.
  • Our courses include 60 hours of training and 60 hours of teaching practice with real students of English (not your fellow trainees).
  • Our fees are all-inclusive so you won’t pay any extra for any course materials.
  • Our teacher instructors are all highly qualified and experienced TEFL/TESOL professionals committed to provide the best possible standards.
  • We welcome all applications: Native-English speakers, fluent non-native English speakers, regardless of nationality, age, gender or race.

At Alpha International English School we are proud of our in-class TEFL/TESOL certification courses that only take four short weeks of training to be achieved. We make sure that our trainees, who arrive with no prior knowledge or experience of teaching English, leave us feeling confident in their ability to take on teaching positions in countries all over the world.

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